Who We Are

Since 1995, Oklahoma Families First. OFF

I has offered nationally accredited programs offering substance abuse services, foster care services and therapy options to help Oklahomans and their families.

OFFI Vision Statement: Our agency is working to build brighter futures for Oklahoma families.

OFFI Mission Statement: Our mission is to improve the lives of children, adults, and families affected by mental illness, substance abuse, other addictive conditions, child abuse / neglect and other types of trauma by providing quality behavioral health care.

OFFI Value Statement: Our agency strives to provide quality care through a team of highly trained clinicians and foster parents.

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Become a TFC family today and be a hero to a child!
Meet one of our Resource Family Parents:                                                                               


                   Ashani Jackson, 9/2017                                           

                "I feel I've been called to be a foster parent because I have first hand experience on what it's like to be a child raised in the foster care system.                    

                  My goal is to foster children around the ages of 9-12.   I feel these ages are the hardest because they're no longer in the "little" kid phase, 

                  but the "big" kid phase and most people want the younger aged children. Since I can relate to this lifesyle, it is my desire to help these older children fit in,                      feel love, feel stable and secure. I believe I can help mold them into functional, careing, wonderful people and help heal their hearts at the same time."

                                   Thank you, Ashani!!!!