Rehabilitation Services

A useful supplement in an individual’s care can be rehabilitation services. Psychosocial rehabilitation services are sometimes used in a clients care in addition to other therapeutic interventions to assist in building skills the consumer may need to reach the goals they have chosen. Rehabilitation services are face-to-face services provided to develop skills necessary to perform activities of daily living and successful integration into community life. These services include educational and supportive services regarding:
  1. independent living,
  2. self care,
  3. social skills
  4. lifestyle changes
Rehabilitation services are education based services which generally involve two (2) primary functions:
  1. Curriculum based education- facilitation of class-like educational experiences, based on a pre-developed written curriculum
  2. Skill practice- facilitation of opportunities to practice skills; prompting practice and giving feedback.
Providers of psychosocial rehabilitation services are individuals who have completed a bachelors degree in mental health, education, social work or other approved degree program and have successfully completed a certification program approved by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services