Case Management

Behavioral Health Case Management is a process that includes planned linkage, advocacy and referral assistance provided in partnership with a consumer, family members, law enforcement personnel, community agencies and other supports as defined or needed by the consumer. This collaboration of services are to provide a continuum of care for persons that utilize services inclusive of, but not limited to mental health, substance abuse, prevention or other services to support the consumer in self sufficiency and community tenure. Case management actions may take place in the individual’s home, in the community, or in a Oklahoma Families First office.. An ODMHSAS Certified Behavioral Health Case Manager works with the consumer and their identified supports, in accordance with a treatment plan developed with and approved by the recipient and qualified staff to reach the consumer’s goals to remain successful in their recovery. 

Case management is provided by persons who have a college degree and have been certified by the Oklahoma Department of Mental health and Substance Abuse Services (ODMHSAS) to provide case management services.

Case Management - Oklahoma Families First