Questions and Answers

A – Predicting a child’s behavior is difficult. In the best of circumstances children may exhibit a range of behaviors that parents may find challenging. For children in foster care, there is often trauma that has been inflicted on the child which can amplify difficult behaviors.  Oklahoma Families First will provide foster parents with a profile of the behaviors exhibited by the child as recorded by their DHS worker. Often times though, a child may exhibit behaviors that were either not recorded accurately or may be new behaviors for the child.

A- Yes. As part of the application process, you will be asked to complete a checklist indicating the ages and types of children you are willing to accept. Once you are approved, when a child or siblings are in need of placement, the worker will provide non-identifying information to help a foster family decide whether they are willing to accept a particular child into their home.

A – Yes, many foster parents are employed. OKDHS pays for child care for a foster child when both foster parents or a single foster parent works 20 or more hours a week outside the home.

A – Absolutely! We have a number of single foster parents working with our agency.

A – You must demonstrate that you can support self and family outside of any reimbursement for foster care.

A – Yes. Foster parents are required to complete 27 hours of pre-service training which includes 6 hours of Behavior Crisis Management Training before being approved. Then they must complete 12 hours of additional training per calendar year.

A – Children in OKDHS custody receive a medical card that covers most medical expenses and prescription medication for foster children within the scope of the Oklahoma Health Care Authority programs. Foster parents are expected to transport foster children to the doctor.

A -The Therapeutic program is one that requires a higher level of care for the children. There is more training that is required and you will have access to one of our therapists 24/7. Just like the Traditional program you must be at least 21 years of age, pass a criminal background check, and have adequate income for support of your own family. At least one parent must have his or her high school diploma or GED.quate income for support of your own family. There is also some training that is required which we provide for free and at your convenience.

AOften, children enter the Child Welfare system as a sibling group and need to be placed together. A maximum of six children including your own can be in your home at one time, but no more than five OKDHS custody children can be placed.

A –  No, they do not.  They must have their own bed and cannot share a bed with any adult.  They can share a bedroom with same sex children and can sleep with their sibling as long as they are 6 years old and under.  They cannot share a bed with other children that are not siblings and they cannot share a bedroom with children of the opposite sex.

A – OFFI has many well trained clinicians on staff. If you live in an area served by our agency we will be glad to provide these services. If you are outside our area we will help identify professional counselors near you.

A – Training for the RFP program may be done online or in person. Training for the TFC program is all done in person.